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The Revival and Politics

Hi there
Im writting a dissertation about the mod movement and politics and would love to get your ideas.
It is a comparason between the origional movement and the revival. the escapist element of the original Mod movement made the movement very A-political. I have researched extensively on the subculture and have failed to find any references to politics either in the music or within published literature. However while researching the Mod revival I came across far more. Bands such as The Jam and the chords discuss politics in their lyrics. My dissertation idea will attempt to understand the reasons for the politicisations of the Mod movement.


My early ideas are as follows:

From what I can gather, the early mod movement was based around escapism in the clubs and cafes of Soho. The security of post war Britain was coupled with the first time that the youth of Britain had a disposable income. These factors created a sense of apathy towards politics. However by the time the revival in 1978-79 Britain had changed dramatically. The rise of the National front and the election of Thatcher made full employment and financial security a thing of the past. I believe these are some of the reasons for the politicisation of the movement.

Would you call the revival political?

I would love to know your views on the above ideas.
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